Regularly Scheduled Events

Scriptorium  6 - 9pm Wed, 12/05, at the meeting room @ Whole Foods on Airport Blvd.
Armory Night SUSPENDED 
Arts/Sci Workshop 3rd Monday (12/17) 6pm until they toss you out, 5318 Forest Park Dr.
Fighter Practice Sundays at 1pm, Medal of Honor Park, Hillcrest Rd.
Business Meeting 4th Monday (12/24) 7pm at the Mobile Public Library on Grelot Rd.

Places to go, People to see...

event, (travel time from downtown osprey) date, hosting group, location/map link
Magna Faire/Collegium Vulcani (3:48) December 7 - 8, Iron Mountain (Pell City, AL)
Syrian Solstice (6:08) December 15, Glaedenfeld (Antioch, TN)
Twelfth Night (5:48) January 5th, Bryn Madoc (Athens, GA)
Bling Ding Wing Ding (5:18) January 5th. Canton of South Reach (Pulaski, TN)
Panhandle Skirmishes (2:35) January 11 - 13. Trimaris (Alford, FL)
Collegium January 18 - 20. Talmere
Menhir January 19th. Rising Stone (Murfreesboro, TN)
Meridian War College January 25 - 27
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