being a compendium of the lives and deeds of the people of the Barony of
the Osprey
, a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., within
the Kingdom of Meridies, as fine a place as ever was.
Updated 01 December A.S. LIII, being 2018 by the Gregorian reckoning.

The November business meeting might have featured officer's reports, and possibly discussion of things, but maybe not. The next business meeting might convene at 7pm on December 24th at the West Regional Branch of the Mobile Public Library on Grelot Road. Or might not.

So, Gatalop is done, and if you were not there, you really missed a thing.  There was fighting, feasting, revelry and mayhem aplenty. 

From Baronial Court at Gatalop: Christina of Osprey - Order of the Argent Lamp, Ulric Skeggson - Order of the Osprey's Talon, Lady Sigrid of Osprey, called the Prepared- Order of the Argent Lamp, Baroness Caterina Angelique Coeur Noir - Order of the Osprey's Jess. The Regional Art Faire was won by Lady Sigrid of Osprey, while the Athanor Faire was won by THL Inan bint Sufian.

A new baronial award has been created to honor friends of the Barony who gift us with their service. It is named the Order of the Sable Drakkar in memory of Lord Grigorii Elisseyevich, and the first recipients are: Master Nikolaus Hildebrand - Principal; Lady Addalisa Annabelle, and Lady Lauralee.

Also, in Royal Court at Gatalop, Bronaugh Vaughn of Dublin, Mabel of Lachlan and Heather of Lachlan were awarded Arms! And, of course, Baron Yesugai Naran called Ucla received his Writ of Elevation to the Order of the Pelican! That's like a coupon or something, and he will set the date of his elevation soon.  May God have mercy upon us all.

For the time being, fighter practice will be held at 1pm on Sundays, near the tennis courts at Medal of Honor Park off of Hillcrest Road.

The monthly Scriptorium is being held at the meeting room inside Whole Foods on Airport Blvd. on Wednesday, 05 December from 6  - 9 pm.  Contact our Chatelaine, THL Jessica, for details.

The Armory is still NOT HAPPENING.  Work through the Knight's Marshal if you have any useful ideas in this regard.

A night of discussion and crafts will be held at 6pm on Monday, December 17 at the House of Rufus.  Contact the Minister of Arts/Sciences about that.

The baronial website has, for some time, featured a page dedicated to the Heraldry of Osprey. If you have a passed device, go there and click on it, then be amazed.  If your arms are passed, but you do not see it there, please take a moment to fire off a hot missive to the Kingdom Seneschal to complain bitterly before taking your grievance to facebook, or  If you don't have passed arms, contact the Baronial Herald (below) to fix that.

Detailed wrangling is always available on the Baronial Facebook Page.

The Officer's reports:

nthe Seneschal reports that it's just more of the same.  We are stacking the courts with njudges favorable to the values of Osprey, sending soldiers to fill in the weak spots on the nsouthern border, and reducing taxes so you can afford your Uclacare® Health Insurance.  Also, you must now be at least 21 years of age to buy a pole weapon or crossbow.

nThe Exchequer tells us that there is money in the cigar box.  Further, there is no evidence nof collusion outside of the finance committee, we will build a wall, and Trimaris will pay nfor it.  

nThe Chatelaine is collecting items to gift to newcomers at future events.  Anything that nmight be useful to someone new to the current middle ages. For more ideas, or to offer nhelp, contact THL Jessica at

nThe new Knight's Marshal invites you to come out to fighter practice and get some.  nMaybe it is some bruises where your armor doesn't cover you.  Maybe it is some brownies nand ice cream.  If you would challenge your Mongol overlords, call Sir Lugh for last minute changes due to weather or participation.

nHey, we finally caught a Herald.  I don't remember who suggested a bear pit, baited with nthe four-volume set of McKormack's Standard Book of Undocumented Norse, Icelandic nand Rus' Naming Practices, but it seems to have worked.  You may now contact Lord Loðinn Ölfus to satisfy all of your pent-up heraldic cravings.

nThe Arts and Sciences Officer would like to know about anything you have made or ndecorated that involves aspects of life in the middle ages, for his reports in aid of our neducational status. If you have questions and need an answer tomorrow, seek comfort online at If you are having an Arts/Science emergency, please hang up and dial 911.

nFrom the Chronicler: As foretold in the prophecy - "and in those days the elders shall rend ntheir garments and color their hair in strange ways and eat keto, while their children eat nonly nuggets of chicken with ketchup..."  I mean it this time.

Baron/Baroness Sir Lugh and Mistress Christine 251.510.6795
Seneschale THLady Brighid of Ferngully 251.342.0879
Knight's Marshal Sir Lugh Naran 251.510.6795 
Arts & Sciences THLord Faustus Spurious Rufus 251.421.3055
Herald  Lord Loðinn Ölfus 251.622.7695
Reeve THLord Kaleb McCabe 251.463.8547
Children's Minister Lady Fine Dubh 251.888.1666 *
Chatelaine THLady Jessica of Osprey 251.317.1294
Historian THLord Ilya the Wanderer 251.478.8325
Webminister Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia 205.915.7799