ovember is the eleventh month on the Gregorian Calendar,
having 30 days.  During medieval times, this was the month
when the peasantry frittered away the empty hours by gathering
acorns to feed the pigs.  Unless you were Jewish,
pigs were a staple item around the property, useful for making leather goods, ham sandwiches, and little pigs.

The Norse/Icelandic calendar month of Gormánuðr, the first month of winter by their reckoning, began on Saturday, October 22nd. Ýlir is the second winter month (also Yule), and commences on Monday, the 21st of November.

In Old English, this was Blōt-mōnaþ, the month of sacrifice, so-called because it was customary to slaughter i a good many animals and preserve the meat by salting or smoking. In Old Dutch it was slachtmaand and West Frisian slachtmoanne, or "slaughter month", beginning with the full moon. That, by the way, in modern times is called the "beaver moon", (make of that what you will) and occurs with a great deal of certainty on November 14th this year.

Events of note in November, historically, include:

The birth, on November 6th, 1479, of Johanna "the Mad"1, Queen of Castille and Aragon. She had been considered quite level-headed until she began contradicting the men around her, and sympathizing with rebels wishing to limit the influence in Spain of Austrian Habsburg royalty.

The death, on November 7, 1225, of Engelbert II of Berg,2 who earned the respect and affection of his subjects through his devotion to justice. His allegiance to the pope and his uncompromising defense of the law and the rights of religious persons brought him into conflict with the nobility, including his own family, and this led to his murder.

The massacre, on November 13th, 1002, of Danish settlers3, ordered by King Aethelred II of England, called "the Unready". England had been ravaged by Danish raids every year from 997 to 1001, and in 1002 the king was told that the Danes intended to kill him and take over his kingdom. In response, he ordered the death of all the Danish men who were in England.

So ya know: "Unready" is a mistranslation of the Old English word unræd meaning "bad-counseled", a twist on his name Æthelred, meaning "noble-counseled".  It would be more accurate to say "ill-advised" rather than "unready".

Boring, but important: 

William Tell4, noted Swiss folk hero, allegedly shot an apple off his son's head on November 18th, 1307.  Though it might strain credibility, the Swiss people insist that there is a direct correlation between a display of excellent marksmanship and objection to foreign rule (frickin' Habsburgs again). Though it reads like a Liam Neeson movie, this tale is a highly-regarded parable of resistance to tyranny.

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Here and now.

Actions at Court from Gatalop 33 include, but are not limited to: Jessica of Osprey was called before the crown to receive an Award of Arms.  Jochi Naran was made a companion of the Order of the Sable Athanor, for the most distinguished service to the Barony of the Osprey.  Drogo was made a companion of the Order of the Osprey's Talon, for distinguished service to the barony through the martial arts. Loðinn Ölfuss and Decimus Marius were made companions of the Order of the Osprey's Jess, each for long-term service to the barony of an exceptional nature. Korinna Osprey-geneia was made a companion of the Order of the Argent Lamp, as a newcomer who has shown a willingness to serve the barony.

You are invited to an Arts/Sci Workshop to be held twice a month at the home of THL Brighid, on the first Tuesday and third Monday of each month, from 6-8pm or until they throw you out.  And they will do that, if it comes to it.  Address and contact info to follow...

Late Breaking News from Fall Crown List: The line of Meridian Royal Succession is secure! Earl Sir Bryce MacLaren has bested all comers to be the heir to the throne, accompanied by Countess Rhiannon of the Isle.  Join me in congratulating Their Royal Highnesses!

Coming Attractions
Fighter Practice Sundays at 1pm, Medal of Honor Park on Hillcrest Rd.
Armor Workshop Thursdays at 6pm, 9469 Yorktowne Way
Arts/Sci Workshop Tues. 1 Nov., 6-8pm, Brighid's house
Business Meeting 1 Sunday Nov. 13th, 5pm, Baronial Residence
Business Meeting 2 Monday Nov. 28th, 7pm, MPL on Grelot Road
Panhandle Skirmishes November 4-6, Flintmarsh
Fall Crown List November 11-13, Glaedenfeld.
Castle Wars November 18-20, South Downs.
Mobile Renfaire November 19-20, Loxley, AL.

The Officer's reports:

The Seneschale asks that all baronial officers make arrangements for a deputy officer who is ready to assume the duties of that office in the event of some calamity. If you are interested in that kind of thing, contact the officer of your choice and toss your hat in.

The Arts and Sciences Officer asks that, if you would like to teach or learn anything pertaining to the Arts or Sciences Medieval, please reach out to her.  Also, let her know what you have been working on, so that our A&S reports are accurate.

The Chatelaine plans to involve those who will not be attending Castle Wars (a great distance away) in a demo to be held at the Mobile Renfaire and Pirate Festival (just around the corner, relatively speaking), in order to make contact with other weirdos just like ourselves. Contact Drogo to join in!

The Knight's Marshal assures us that preparations for war continue, with a weekly armor workshop and (mostly) weekly combat practice.  Contact the KM or his deputy for sudden changes to the time and place of these activities.

The Reeve insists that he does not wallow in the baronial funds between meetings, or at any time, as far as we know.  I, for one, believe him.

The Herald's time is growing short, but he is still available to take your hand and shepherd you through the tortuous bureaucratic maze that is the College of Heralds. Get your device passed, get yourself a proper name, do it today! 

 The Webminister prays that if you detect any errors, omissions or damned lies in this document, you should probably just shut your pie-hole.  We are definitely weary of your carping about every little thing, so pipe down. 

Baron/Baroness Sir Lugh and Mistress Christine 251.510.6795
Seneschale Baron Yesugai Naran 251.751.1493
Knight's Marshal Lord Loðinn Ölfuss 251.622.7695
Arts & Sciences THLady Eden Fuller of Redenhall 251.979.6829
Herald Lord Lochko the Wallbreaker 251.635.2770
Reeve THLord Kaleb McCabe 251.463.8547
Chatelaine ahem, that's LORD Drogo to you... 678.517.1970
Historian THLord Ilya the Wanderer 251.478.8325
Webminister Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia 205.915.7799

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