As modern medieval enthusiasts, we indulge in all sorts of artistic passions, such as music, dance, embroidery, cooking, writing, costume construction, weaving, woodworking, games, metalsmithing....the list is almost unlimited!

Anything that you produce to further your activities in the Current Middle Ages is either an Art or a Science.  For a more complete listing of applicable arts, sciences and crafts, visit the SCA Arts and Sciences website.

The arts and crafts you learn and practice not only improve your knowledge of medieval times, you will find that many events feature Arts and Sciences competitions, judging, selecting and recognizing the most excellent entries in many categories.

The Baronial Arts and Sciences Officer is in charge of planning and helping organize classes where Medieval Crafts are taught, and can be a great resource for you as you decide what to focus on next.

In our Barony, members are asked to report their A&S activities (things you do or classes you teach) to the local Arts and Sciences Officer, who will in turn report them to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences.  In this way, your efforts help to promote the Society's status as an educational organization.