Updated 01 September AS LI, being 2017 Gregorian:

The Society for Creative Anachronism has an anti-bullying policy, the complete text of which can be found here.  So cut it out, all of you.  Me?  I don't know what I'm going to do.  Abuse, mockery and harassment has been my raison d'être for as long as I can remember.  ;b

From Daggers and Hemlock XI, 11 August AS LI:  A great weekend for the Barony and friends at Daggers and Hemlock! We had two winners in the A&S faire: Heather Hoven Glass 's delicious medieval dessert won the Laurels' Choice award and Bradlee Joseph (Pixie's son) won the Youth A&S award! Maritza Haugen won the archery competition, Loðinn Olfúss was part of the winning team for the heavy/rapier/gaming challenge, and Fine Dubh (Pixie) won the title of Gamemaster. At Court, Korinna Osprey-geneia and Tash received Awards of Arms, and Jessica of Osprey was honored with a Meridian Majesty. It was an awesome time!

If you'd like to learn more about how the Baron/Baroness are selected, the procedure for polling the populace is outlined here.  

Detailed wrangling on the Baronial Facebook Page.

The Officer's reports:

nSo, when are we gonna get that new Seneschal?  Many of us are pretty sick of the old one, nbecause we didn't vote for him and he is for everything we are against and he's not going to ndo what we want, ever!  He's stifling free speech and he puts catsup on his steak.  We want warm brownies at business meetings! And cold Ice Cream!  Impeach the Seneschal! Impeach the Sen-(aaack!)

nThe Chatelaine has need of your clean, used garb, any period or size, to add to the Gold nKey box, that we may be able to help clothe newcomers while they devise their own garb nto wear at events. Tunics, pants, belts, sashes, dresses, skirts, chemises, shoes and boots are always welcome. Contact Lady Jessica to help with this! chatelaine@baronyosprey.org.

nThere's a new Knight's Marshal in town, and you can test his resolve at fighter practice on nSundays at noon, Medal of Honor Park on Hillcrest Road.  Contact Decimus for last minute nchanges due to weather or participation.

nThe Herald's time is done, but we have a new herald to fill his miniscule shoes. Korinna nwill attend to the heraldic stuff you crave, and she is prepared to get rid of the man-stink nthat pervades this office. Just wait until you see her capering, designing arms, and calling everyone to heed the Seneschal! The heraldic seat is down, and it is gonna STAY down, so ya know.

nThe Arts and Sciences Officer invites you to attend an evening of Arts and Sciences ndiscussion and workshop to be held on the first Tuesday and the third Monday of each nmonth at Brighid's house, from 6-8pm, or until they throw you out. If you have questions and need an answer tomorrow, e-mail to a_s@baronyosprey.org.  If you are having an Arts/Science emergency, please hang up and dial 911.

Baron/Baroness Sir Lugh and Mistress Christine 251.510.6795
Seneschale Baron Yesugai Naran 251.751.1493
Knight's Marshal THLord Decimus Marius 251.229.1504
Arts & Sciences THLord Faustus Spurious Rufus 251.421.3055
Herald  Lady Korinna Osprey-geneia 850.529.1733
Reeve THLord Kaleb McCabe 251.463.8547
Chatelaine Lady Jessica of Osprey
Historian THLord Ilya the Wanderer 251.478.8325
Webminister Lord Wulfgar of East Anglia 205.915.7799