The Canton of Terminus Terrae presents:

April 22-24, 2016
at the Southern Pillar Campground,
6482 County Road 2262,
Troy, Alabama 36079

Join the good gentle folk of the Canton for a weekend of fighting, feasting and revelry that will be spoken of with reverence as we all grow older, but hopefully not wiser.   

The fighting will be hard, but fair.  The feasting is at the same time yummy and plentiful, and anyone will tell you that our revelry is a match for the best, and far superior to the rest.  Ask around.

A Regional Arts & Sciences Faire will be held.  Additionally, the Seventh Annual Athanor Faire will run most of the day. You may enter both competitions.

Children's activities include crafts, games, and stories featuring the lives of the Great sneaky murderers of the Middle Ages.  A schedule will be available at the Troll Booth. 

daytrip weekend add feast
adult member (pre-register) $10 $18 + $8
adult member (after 4/1) $12 $20 + $8
child (under 17) $0 $0 $8

Children under 17 years old are free, but must be under parental supervision at all times. Non-members pay a $5 surcharge.  Requests for refund will not be considered if received after 25 April 2016.

Event Steward
Anglesa D'Aun de Aquino
mka D'Aun Trotman

Event Steward
Eion de Modesto
mka Don Ward

Feast Steward
mka Christine Craddock

Reservations Steward
Grace McAuley
mka Stephanie Severance

The site opens at 5 pm Friday, and closes at 11 am Sunday.

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Canton of Terminus Terrae
and mail to:
Event Reservations/Hit List 30
P O Box 37041

Panama City, FL  32412

For the martially-inclined, there will be three heavy weapons lists: A Bridesmaid Tourney, A William Marshall List, and A Patron's Tourney in which each fighter will be sponsored by an artisan entered in the A&S competition. The winner of the Patron's Tourney will be named the Keg's Champion, and we all know what that means... 

There are also two rapier events on schedule, a melee and a William Marshall List, so bring your cold steel and use it on your friends.  

Take time to shop with the many merchants who will hopefully be hawking their wares. Ware hawkers should contact the Event Stewards beforehand to ensure that space is available for their wares to be hawked.

A feast will be presented, which promises to be both filling and delicious. The menu will be posted when it is known.  Ingredients will be posted at Troll for those with allergies and other dietary foibles. 

There may be fundraising events held during the day to support several causes to be announced.

Please contact one of the Event Stewards to sign up for a shift on Troll Duty, or to become a member of the Security Detail, both essential jobs that should be shared.

Lodgings?  Well, there are cabins on site, plenty of tent space, and one RV hookup for the modest additional fee of $20. so contact the Reservations Steward for all the latest details.

How would you like to have a full-sized map with directions from your house all the way to this site?  It can be yours, in living color and with amazingly accurate turn-by-turn details covering every inch of what might be a mind-numbing journey, if you will but click here.

It is important to note that this is a "discreetly wet" site, meaning that alcoholic beverages are permitted in accordance with local age and height restrictions, but you are expected to dispose of your own empties.

More details will follow as plans are settled, so return to this site for the latest info.