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Leofric dying a belt.

There's more to do in the SCA than just fighting and feasting! Arts and Sciences refers to everything that we do in the Society for Creative Anachronism that calls for documentation from our time period.

As modern medieval enthusiasts, we indulge in all sorts of artistic passions, such as music, embroidery, cooking, writing, costume construction, weaving, woodworking, games, metalsmithing....the list is almost unlimited!

Many times we have informal get-together's at fighter practices or meetings to show what we have done, or to ask questions from someone who has done a certain art or science before.  Several times a year, Arts and Sciences faires are held throughout the kingdom and if you choose, you may enter your craft to be judged. 

In our Barony, members are asked to report their A&S activities (things you do or classes you teach) to the Arts and Sciences Officer. The A&S Officer will usually have the blue report book with him/her at meetings and fighter practices for you to record your endeavors.

Asa with wood
Asa making a wooden toy.


If you would like a specific class, please email the A&S office and it WILL get set up.

Areas of A&S Interest/Experience in our Barony

12th Century England Life and Culture
14th Century England Life and Culture
Anglo Saxon Life and Culture
Costuming, Early Period
Costuming, Late Period
Early Egyptian Life and Culture
European Dance
Furniture Construction
Hand Sewing
Inkle Weaving
Italian Culture
Jewelry Making
Leather working
Metal Casting
Middle Eastern Dance
Period Cooking
Period Games
Persona Development
Romano-Celtic Life and Culture
Roman Cooking
Tablet Weaving
Textile Construction
Viking Costuming
Links of Interest
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Books and Written Resources
Camping resources and information
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Cooking and Feasting
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Costuming and Textiles, Supplies and Information
Looms and yarns
Fibers, supplies
Low cost wool and other fabrics
Low cost linen
Fibers, supplies
A dress diary
Low cost silk
Come and browse our full line of Medieval Wares
Low cost representations of medieval jewelry