Yesugai Naran

Yesugai Naran was born in high Altay Mountains in the spring of 1200 A.D. His father was part of a tribe known as the Naiman. Yesugai's father was part of a group of Naimans who sided with Temujin during this war and was rewarded by being made part of Genghis's personal guard. Yesugai's mother was a Nestorian Christian, and since his father was gone to war with Genghis most of the time, Yesugai was raised as such.

Yesugai grew up as a typical Mongol. He learned to ride before he could walk, use a bow and hunt. During the summer they moved up high into the mountains to escape the heat and during the winter they moved into the valleys to stay out of the winds. He helped his family tend to their goats, sheep and horses. He enjoyed a diet of boiled mutton, aaruul (dried curds), milk and yoghurt. His favorite food was marmot cooked with a stone and mutton inside. He also liked vegetables when they could be found.

When he reached the age of sixteen, he entered into the service of the Khan under General Subetai. His first campaign was against the Merkit in 1216 along the river Chu . Yesugai returned to Mongolia with his general in early 1225 but the Great Khan had plans for Subetai and his staff. By 1226 they were back to work in China battling the Tangut. By this point Yesugai had moved up in the ranks and was now commanding his own Minghan (1000 men) and had been given the title of Noyan.

In 1237 Yesugai, still under his commanding officer Subetai, began the destruction of the Rus. Supply lines and communication had to be secure so it was decided that the Rus would be eradicated. Subetai sent Yesugai ahead to scout a path into Hungary . Yesugai discovered that the Kipchak (Cuman) had allied themselves with the Hungarian King. Yesugai tried to convince them they would be better off siding with Subetai and Batu. They refused. The invasion preceded and the Cuman found themselves on the wrong side. In 1241 Subetai was called back to the Mongol homelands because Ogedai had died and a new Kuriltai was being held. Still holding onto his dream of invading Europe he left Yesgai and a handful of men behind to continue gathering information on the Europeans in the hopes the someday soon they would return.

Award of Arms
Guiding Hand
Argent Shield
Grant of Arms
Order of the Osprey's Jess
Order of the Talon X 2 (Osprey)