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Reservation before Jan 24, 2021
Day with feast
Day without feast
Children 6 - 12 half price
Children under 6 are free

There is a $5.00 nonmember surcharge. 
No family to pay more than three adult members, as long as the children are members.
Reserved merchants welcome at no additional fee. 
Request of a $15 tournament prize will be asked in place of the merchant fee.

Event Staff:
Event Steward: Baron Yesugai Naran, Johnny Bowman 251 751-1493 (no calls after 8pm) yesugainaran_at_yahoo.com
Event Co Stewards: Lady Ysabiau Chauciere, Tairie Brown 251 229-2180 Newkindaphat_at_yahoo.com
THL Troy Grieffenclau 850 261-0466 troygryffinclaw_at_yahoo.com

Feastcrat: THL Alienora de Rouen, Amanda Sneed marrenthekat_at_yahoo.com
Co-Feastcrat: Lord Elric Osmond, Shaun Brown Elricosmund_at_yahoo.com

Reservation Steward: Kaleb McCabe send reservation to: Blood and Roses II, P.O. Box 1088 Wilmer, AL 36587
No reservations will be accepted by phone or email.

Reservation Form