Per saltire pean and vert in fess two dragons passant Or, 3 mullets argent 1 and 2.

"Service Beyond Sanity"


Rhiannon of the Isle

Motto: Service Beyond Sanity

Rhiannon of the Isle is a late 12th - early 13th century Welshwoman. The only child of a minor chieftain whose claim to fame was the raising and training of tournament destiers, she was trained to assume the responsibilities of her father. In her formative years she was a tomboy through and through, and she took a great deal of pleasure in entering tournaments 'incognito' and taking the boys 'toys'! Her prowess with her valiant steeds gained her entry into an equestrian tournament company.

Another lesson learned from her father was that to survive and thrive in Wales at that time, it was necessary to court the Norman invaders. This well-learned lesson paid great dividends, as through the right association with the 'right' Norman knight, (love ya Gareth!) she managed to expand the family holdings to a County.

Well educated for a woman of her era, she enjoys reading, calligraphy (and obviously things equestrian), and some of the womanly arts; cooking, embroidery and sewing.

In the Society, she is the founder and Matriarch of House Dragon Or, which is a service-oriented household with far-flung memberships, with members in the East, Atlantia, Ealdormere, Atenveldt, Calontir, Ansteorra and mostly Meridies. She is also proud to be a Premiere of the Most Noble Company of Saint Anne, a society-wide equestrian tournament company. Rhiannon served as the founding Baroness of the Barony of the Osprey, within the Kingdom of Meridies (Mobile, Alabama). By the strength of the strong sword arm (and infamous rising snap shot) of Duke Gareth LeBruin, it was her honour and privilege to serve as the 37th Queen of Meridies.

She is a Peer in her own right as a Companion of the most Noble Order of the Pelican.