Maritza Maritza

Maritza Haugen

Born in 1290, Maritza lived a quiet life in the frozen north until, forbidden to accompany a raiding party, she stowed away on a karve which became shipwrecked on the isle of Rolvsøy.

The sole survivor of the crash, she followed the shoreline until a farm appeared on the horizon by the name of Haugen. With no family or method of survival she begged the farmer’s family to allow her to stay and work in exchange for a home.

It wasn’t long before the Haugen farm was filled with music, daily she sang to the animals and nightly to the stars. It became her dream to sing of tales both bold and tragic to all the world, so she packed up her meager belongings and fled the farm forever, keeping the memory of that generous house alive with her name.

It is said she can still be found if one but listens and follows the tones of merriment and anthem.

Unknown at this time.