Mareona Mareona

Lady Mareona

Born in 1328 in Estrees, Mareona was still in her teens one hot August day when English troops who had invaded France gathered in Crecy to meet French forces who had come to drive them out.

It was only an hour's walk from her home to the field near the river Maye, and she and her friends cheered the brave French horsemen and soldiers as they formed up into lines for battle.

It must have been 100,000 or more who went into the fray, but within hours a third of them lay dead or dying.  The English had apparently won, and who was left to clean up all the stinking bodies?  The peasantry, of course.

She has since survived the Black Death, and the pillaging of unemployed mercenaries during a brief truce.  It seems that this war would last a hundred years...


Award of Arms
Order of the Argent Comet
Order of the Argent Lamp (Osprey)