Lochko Lochko

Lord Lochko Severian, the Wallbreaker

Born in 940 AD in Novgorod, Lochko, a Varangian, was always small for his age.  He was small for anyone's age, but he made up for it with ferocity, and eventually got expelled from school for taking the Principal's lunch money.

As an adult, Lochko found it easy to surprise adversaries with a sudden, vicious attack, and earned the title "Wallbreaker" by crashing full-tilt into an enemy's defensive line without fear or hesitation.

Attracted by the riches of Constantinople. he made a 

career of inciting small skirmishes with Byzantium, and egging on the mayhem until their leaders offered more advantageous trade arrangements with the Rus' back home to quiet things down.  

This worked over and over, and the deals got better and better, until the Byzantine Court finally hired a few hundred Varangians to do their dirty work, and Lochko found himself on the Imperial bodyguard detail.

It's not bad work, the hours are good, and he has seniority, so no weekends or holidays.  Best part?  You don't have to dress Byzantine, and they do not mind that he wears those little pajamas with the feet in them.


Award of Arms
Argent Shield
Order of the Guiding Hand
Militaes Legio Ursi
Order of the Argent Lamp (Osprey)
Order of the Osprey's Talon (Osprey)
Order of the Argent CometX2