Eden Eden

The Honorable Lady Eden Fuller of Redenhall

Eden Fuller is a 15th century Englishwoman. Though of mixed nationality (her mother was Irish), she was raised by her English father, sent to English schools, and is in every way a proper English lady.  Except when she is not.  

That Irish blood pops up at the most inopportune times, most often in dealing with the "mean girls" of her day.

She was bullied by a group of girls at school, because of the remnants of an Irish accent she carried as a mark of her mother's influence.  Each of them, in turn, suffered a mysterious accident.  Fell down the stairs, accidentally cut her hand on a kitchen knife, fell up the stairs, accidentally fell headfirst into a mop bucket, accidentally cut her abdomen with a kitchen knife... they were a clumsy bunch, but before long, Eden enjoyed a peaceful stay.

She learned a little about swordplay and horse riding, enough to encourage further interest, and reading, which set the pattern for the remainder of her life.  She would 

read of faraway lands and peoples, and set her mind to go there and see for herself.

In her travels, she learned to sail a small boat, play chess, tan ox hides, build a fire, clean fish and hogs, close a wound with needle and thread, and grow strawberries.  

Ere long, she was able to speak three  languages well enough to order in a restaurant, obtain decent lodgings at a reasonable rate, or tell the authorities that she knew where a man was tied up and bleeding, who might need medical care.

She lived many adventures, but by now has calmed down somewhat.  Society often frowns on an independent woman, but a dangerous woman can do as she pleases.  

So Eden lives a quiet life, raising citrus fruits and cultivating hives of African Killer Bees.  Unless somebody screws up.


Award of Arms
Guiding Hand
Meridian Cross
Order of the Velvet Owl
Grant of Arms
Meridian MajestyX2
Order of the Argent Comet
Bough of Meridies
Order of the Osprey's Jess
Order of the Sable Pillar (Osprey)