Wulfgar Wulfgar

The Honorable Lord Buqa Naran, called Ox

Born in the 1150s, the son of a Silk Road merchant, Buqa was conscripted by a group of Mongol warriors and given the name "Ox", on account of his strength and tireless service.

He drew the attention of the European Chivalry and was taken as a squire to Sir Kyle of Kincorra, until Sir Kyle was eaten by a Grue. An apt pupil, young Buqa learned not to wander in darkened areas without a torch.

After that unfortunate tragedy, he was taken as a squire to Sir Richard of Rae Fen under the name "George Oxly", and is currently at large.


Award of Arms
Order of the Meridian Cross
Order of the Argent Shield
Grant of Arms
Order of the Osprey's Talon
Order of the Osprey's Jess
Order of the Sable Pillar (Osprey)
Order of the Sable Athanor (Osprey)