Brighid Brighid

The Honorable Lady Brighid of Ferncliff

Born in the winter of 1141 in Monkwearmouth, near Sunderland, on the eastern coast of England at the mouth of the river Wear.  Not much here, and nothing to do but fish and grow turnips, but thanks to travellers she could keep up with the news of the realm.

By her late teens, it seemed that war had been going on all of her life, and by all accounts it was a toss-up between forces loyal to Stephen of Blois and the armies of the Empress Matilda.

First one side, then the other held sway, it was exciting to hear about, but one still had to bake bread and put it on the table.

The old monastery had been abandoned long before any living person could recall, and the difficult crossing of the river was hardly worthwhile, as things were no better  to the south. 

At last, there was news of an end to hostilities.  Through various machinations, Matilda's son Henry FitzEmpress had entered the fray, and as he was vigorously changing the map of southern England,


Stephen took the opportunity to make peace, and acknowledge Henry as heir to the throne.

This could have quieted things down, had not Stephen suddenly fallen ill and died.  Henry took the title Henry II and immediately began reforms that would undo the harm of two decades of warfare and unrest.

He reclaimed lands that had been grabbed by Scotland and Wales during the war, and renewed the old tax structure, rebuilding the treasury and increasing the security of the common folk.

He also sent all the foreign mercenaries out of the country, which greatly reduced one's chances of being set upon by robbers while out for a stroll.

In all, you could tell that things were better under Henry.  The turnips grew fat, the bread rose more quickly, and the cows gave more milk.

It's hard to say that one has retired from subsistence farming, but Brighid has a little shop now, where she sells bronze and amber trinkets gathered from travelling peddlers. 

 Oh, and she does a good trade selling seashells, which is remarkable, her being so far from the sea shore.

Award of Arms
Meridian Majesty
Meridian Cross
Order of the Osprey's Jess
Argent Comet
Grant of Arms
Order of the Sable Pillar (Osprey)