Baras Baras

Baron Sir Baras Baran

Born in 1207 in Karakhorum, young Baras longed for adventure, and the riches it promised.  He was conscripted into the Golden Horde under the leadership of Batu, one of the sons of Genghis Khan, and took part in the sweep into Poland and Hungary in 1240-42.  He spent his wages on more horses, and soon loaded them with loot, settling in Kiev on an estate overlooking the Dnieper River.



Award of Arms
Order of the Meridian Cross
Grant of Arms

Order of Meridian Majesty
Order of the Velvet Owl
Order of Compostella (Pilgrim's Order)
Order of the Argent Shield
Legion of the Bear (Militaes Legio Ursi)

Order of the Sovereign's Pleasure
Order of the Guiding Hand
Order of the Burning Trumpet
Former Territorial Baron
Order of the Chivalry

Order of the Bough of Meridies
Court Barony

Order of the Cygnet's Nest
Order of the Jess (Osprey)
Order of the Talon (Osprey)