Alessandra Eden

Baroness Alessandra di Fiore

Born in 1562 in Venice to Senator Luciano di Fiore and his trophy wife Nicole, Alessandra lived a life of priviledge as cortigiana onesta  to the Republican government of Venice.

It was an exciting time to be alive and circulating in the halls of power.  Venice was a solitary republic, surrounded by the feudal holdings of Spain and Austria, and fresh from recent conflicts with the Ottoman Empire.  

Wars were a frequent occurrence, and between the knowledge of her father's work in the Senate and the content of the messages that she was carrying to and fro between various ministries and embassies, she


had a fine perspective on the major political events of her time, where northern Italy was concerned.

Though Alessandra might have been powerless to prevent several military defeats that threatened the existence of the Venetian city-state, she was able to offer advice at critical moments, urging her government to attack a pirate stronghold that was limiting  commercial shipping, and recommending an alliance with France to help settle a conflict with the Pope.

In retirement, she is fiddling with a system of wooden slats, bound by strings and pulleys, which, when operated correctly, control the amount of daylight coming into a room from the window.  "I've got the construction all worked out," she says, "I'm just not sure what to call this thing."

Order of the Meridian Majesty
Award of Arms

Order of the Guiding Hand
Order of the Sovereign's Pleasure
Order of the Sable Pillar (Osprey)
Grant of Arms
Court Baroness