Jochi Naran

Jochi is the eldest of the Mongol chieftain Genghis Khan's four sons by his principle wife Börte. An accomplished military leader, he participated in his father's conquest of Central Asia, along with his brothers and uncles.

In 1207, he had successfully conquered the forest peoples in Siberia, extending the northern border of the Mongol Empire for the very first time. On behalf of his father, Jochi led two campaigns against the Kyrgyz, in 1210 and 1218. Genghis Khan had divided his empire among his four surviving sons during his lifetime. Jochi was entrusted with the westernmost part of the empire where he then moved farther west and met up with an Englishman and his family and is now learning the Englishman's ways.

Award of Arms
Meridian Cross
Argent Shield
Order of the Guiding Hand
Order of the Osprey's Jess
Militaes Legio Ursi
Order of the Talon (Osprey)
Order of the Sable Pillar (Osprey)