The Barony of the Osprey presents:
Gatalop 32
Oct. 30 through Nov. 1, 2015
Historic Fort Gaines
51 Bienville Blvd., Dauphin island, Alabama, 36528
Gatalop  32
Atlantis has risen from the sea, and her amphibious armies are marching on the Meridian coast!  Join us as we present the 32nd annual Battle at Pelican Point, defending the good people of Meridies from these moistened marauders.

Combat begins at 10am Saturday with the running of the Gatalop, the traditional gauntlet through which all new fighters are tested.

At 11am, combatants will represent either the watery warriors of Atlantis, or the defenders of all that's right with the Current Middle Ages, and slug it out in the Mother of All Battles scenario surrounding the battlements of Fort Gaines.

Pick-up fighting will be allowed in designated areas until you can no longer lift your sword to strike a blow.

For those not inclined to slaughtering soggy seagoing soldiers, there will be plenty to do in the Artisan's Village all day Saturday.
Event Stewards Reservations

Sir Baras Bayan
mka Mike Farrell

THL Kaleb McCabe
mka J.H.Cunningham
Ld Wulfgar of East Anglia
mka Joe Flowers
Please make checks payable to:
SCA, Inc./Barony of the Osprey
and mail to:
Event Reservations/Gatalop 32
P O Box 1088

Wilmer, AL 36587

Osprey offers tasty traveller's fare Friday evening, and breakfast will be available Saturday and Sunday morning. There will be a luncheon fund-raiser on Saturday, to benefit Kingdom Travel, and an open grill on Saturday night. You bring it, we will grill it for you.  (Subject to local custom and applicable health codes.)

Since Saturday is All Hallow's Eve, we'll have a costumed revel on Saturday night, recognizing the best costumes worn by children and adults.

  Limited lodging inside the fort is available, period tenting within, and non-period tenting without.  Many lodgings are offered for rental on Dauphin Island, fine and not-so fine. Shower tickets may be purchased at Troll for $3.  Worth every penny.

Contact the event organizer of your choice to sign up to help with troll, voice heraldry on site, constabulary, or indeed any of the many jobs that someone must do to pull off a fine weekend's medieval rambling.

daytrip weekend
adult(pre-register) $8 $17
adult (after Oct. 1) $10 $19
child (under 18) $6 $10

Children under 5 years old are free, but must be under parental supervision at all times. Non-members pay a $5 surcharge. Per Kingdom Law: No family shall pay event fees greater than three adult memberships, providing all are members and all children are under 18.  Again, showers are a la carte, tickets to be sold at Troll for $3.

For the absolute freshest information about this event, go to our Facebook page.

You may obtain the necessary registration forms here.  Service animals?  Make sure they know this.

The site opens at 5pm Friday, and closes at 11am Sunday.

Due to deadlines from the Kingdom Exchequer, no request for refund will be honored after November 1, 2020