October 24 - 27, 2013
Fort Gaines, 51 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528


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The Barony of the Osprey cordially invites you to join the as we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Gatalop!
It promises to be a memorable event honoring all the pageantry and chivalry of 14th Century Europe.
At that moment in time animosities ran high between the English and the French
and we can think of no more fitting battle to commemorate this historic event
in our Current Middle Ages than to pay homage to those Knights, Squires and Men-At-Arms
who fought so bravely and valiantly on Saturday, 27 March 1351, in the Combat of the Thirty.

The Combat of the Thirty was a peripheral battle fought during the Hundred Years Wars as part of the Breton War of Succession
in order to establish which House, Blois or Montfort, would rule the Duchy of Brittany.
The countryside was ravaged as the two garrisons did battle for control yet it was the common folk who did pay the highest toll.
In anger at the deeds done against the commons, Sir Jehan de Beaumanoir, Castellan of Josselin and a captain of Blois who was supported by the king of France
did arrive at Castle Ploermel to issue a challenge to Sir Robert Bemborough, a captain of Montfort supported by the king of England.
According to an excerpt from Le Chronique de Jean le Bel it was agreed…

"But I will tell you what we will do.  If you like, you will choose twenty or thirty of your companions from your garrison,
and I will choose as many from ours and we will go to a field where no one will be able to disturb or prevent us,
and command on pain of the noose to all of our companions on either side, and all those who watch us,
that none should give the combatants reinforcement or help.
God be judge between us! We'll see which side is right."

When the fighting was over, and every combatant was either dead or captured the French did prove the victors of the day.
Although by all accounts the battle was a magnificent display of prowess and chivalry, it did not resolve nor end the conflict.

Prereservation postmarked on or before September 7, 2020
3 Days
2 Days
Daytrip (Saturday only)
Children 5 - 12
Children under 5
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc/Barony of the Osprey
Non members please add the surcharge of $5.00

To support the participation of children and their parents, kingdom law states that no family shall pay a site fee higher than three (3) adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children are 15 years of age and younger and they are all members. Proof of immediate family relations and age may be required.

Camping inside the fort is expected to be extremely limited due to the fact that the fighting activities, Artisan’s Village and Merchants are inside the fort along with period tenting and pavilions. All tents within the fort proper must be period and space will be allotted on a first come, first served basis.

Given the space limitations within the fort Merchants will again be required to complete a Merchant Application and provide (in lieu of a Merchants Fee) goods to the value of $20.00 to be used as prizes. We’ll link all approved Merchants on the website to provide advertising.

Reservation Packet
(Please print, fill out, and send in with your check.)

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Autocrat Staff

The Honorable Lady Eden Fuller of Redenhall

Co-Autocrat: Mistress Christine Silkewymman Baroness of the Osprey
Co-Autocrat: THLord Lugh Baron of the Osprey
Merchantcrat: Mistress Toregene Naran called Nadalia
Co-Merchantcrat: Lady Mareona Bridak
Security: Lord Lochko the Wallbreaker
Artisan’s Village: Lady Casperinie Zita
Reservationscrat: Lord Kaleb McCabe
Foodcrat: Lady Ysabiau Chauciere
Breakfastcrat: THL Faustus Spurious Rufus called Rufus

This site is open to the public during the day and ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL consumption on site during
that time. After 5pm the site is closed to the public and discretely wet (no original containers). You must police your
containers before the site opens each morning (no alcohol containers visible anywhere, including in the trash).

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Application for Artisans' Village

If you would like space in our Artisans' Village, please fill out the form and email it to Lady Casper.

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Merchant Application

Form may be emailed to Mistress Toregene.

Things We Make
Kahina's Kloset
Fraidy Cat Garb and More
Niko's Novelties
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Traveler's Fare


Friday Morning:
Saturday Morning:

Fund Raiser Meals

Fund Raiser Meal Bid Form

If you would like to host a fund raiser meal, please fill out the bid form and email it to THLady Inga with FUND RAISER MEAL BID in the subject line.
You will be contacted if your bid is chosen.

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Rules regarding children at Fort Gaines

These rules are the policy of the Barony of the Osprey

Due to the primitive nature of the event site and for the safety of all children attending events at Ft. Gaines, Dauphin Island, AL,
there will be strict enforcement of Meridian Kingdom Law, Article VII-107, “Children”, Section (b).

Upon arrival, an ID bracelet will be placed on each child under the age of 12.
If the bracelet is removed before the end of the event, the parent/guardian and the child will be escorted off site.

While the child is receiving the bracelet, the parent/guardian will receive a copy of the “Rules” and be requested to read them.
Parents/guardians must sign the roster, which states that they have received a copy of the “rules”, read and understood them, and agree to abide by them.

Warning system:

> As with SCA fighting rules, your signature on the roster acknowledging receipt of the rules is the first warning.

> If a child under 12 is found unsupervised, he/she will be brought to the autocrat.
The child’s bracelet will be punched and the child returned to his/her parent/guardian
with the reminder that the next time the child is found unsupervised, they will be asked to leave.

> If there is a second incident where the child is found unsupervised,
he/she will be taken by the autocrat to his/her parent/guardian.
At that time the parent/guardian will be told he/she must take the child
and leave the site for the remainder of the event.




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Directions: Take best route to I-10 exit 17A-B. Take exit ramp to Rangeline Road/AL-193 South (toward Dauphin Island).
Go 8.3 miles, at "T" turn left on AL-193. Go 0.8 miles, turn right onto AL-193 S.
Continue until it ends at Bienville Blvd (on the island) and turn left on Bienville Blvd.
Drive 2.2 miles, Fort Gaines will be on the right.
Site opens to the SCA October 24th at 5pm and closes October 27th at 11am.
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Lodging and Camping on Dauphin Island

Rental Agencies on Dauphin Island

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