The Barony of the Osprey and
The Shire of Phoenix' Glade
are proud to present
Meridies' Fall
Crown List
November 13-15, 2015
At Baker Recreation Area, 5503 FL-4,
Baker, Florida 32531

A great nation must be prepared to provide for a smooth transition of government should (and may God forbid) anything dreadful happen to the rulers, despite our love for them and our fervent wishes that our sovereigns might live and reign forever.  

At times, we must prepare for the remotest possibilities.  For an instance,  our beloved Prince and Princess have only just succeeded to the throne, but what if something awful should befall them?  May we never live so long!

Fortunately, there is an app for that.  Meridies' Fall Crown List will establish new heirs to the crown, and lawful successors to HRM Wulfstan and Thorkatla, should some unthinkable circumstance befall two beloved sovereigns in the space of a year.

Should we be ready just in case a third benevolent potentate croaks on the throne?  Naah, because that would be silly.

So, there will be a tournament to select the strongest, noblest and most able defender of Meridian piety, and the loveliest and most virtuous object of our national affection.  Next to the current rulers, of course, may they live forever.

Be there to witness the pageantry, and all the pomp with only half of the circumstance, as the finest combatants in the land thump each other until only one remains.

There will be a Royal Court, as a great nation cannot do great things like this without having a Royal Court for it.  In fact, in some circles, it didn't happen at all if it didn't happen in Court, but I digress...

A sumptuous feast will be presented, which promises to be both filling and delicious. The menu will be posted once it is known, and ingredients will be posted at Troll for those with allergies and other dietary foibles. 

After a great tourney and a superb feast, what remains to be done?  Well, there will be the traditional Red Rose Ball.  Dances will be danced, and music will be played, in honor of the newest Princess of Meridies.  

Drink will discretely flow, amazing tales will be discretely told, and the bodies of heavenly good fortune will ever revolve around good old Meridies.

Lodgings?  There are motels at a distance farther than you would prefer to walk.  Tenting is recommended, and there are four spaces for RVs on site.  Do not tarry, as these spaces will go quickly.  The Reservations Steward has all the latest details.

Take time to shop with the many merchants who will be hawking their wares.  The site requires a $15 ware-hawking fee if you have wares to hawk.

More details will follow as plans are settled, so return to this site for the latest info.

How would you like to have a full-sized map with directions from your house all the way to this site?  It can be yours, in living color and with amazingly accurate turn-by-turn details covering every inch of what might be a mind-numbing journey, if you will but click here.

daytrip weekend add feast
adult $7 $12 + $8
child (under 16) $0 $4 + $8

Children under 5 years old are free, but must be under parental supervision at all times. Non-members pay a $5 surcharge. Per Kingdom Law: No family shall pay event fees greater than three adult memberships , providing all are members and all children are under 15.

You may obtain the necessary registration forms here.

Event Steward
Cordell of Phoenix' Glade
mka Stephanie Farley

Event Steward
Elena Carlisle
mka Gabby Daniel

Event Steward
Anna of Kirk
mka Anna Jenkins

Feast Steward
mka Christine Hayes

THL Kaleb McCabe
mka J.H.Cunningham

Please make checks payable to: SCA, Inc./Barony of the Osprey
and mail to:
Event Reservations/Fall Crown
P O Box 1088

Wilmer, AL 36587

The site opens at 5 pm Friday, and closes at 10 am Sunday.

No request for refund will be granted after 16 November 2015.